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27 May 2017

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Founder of Pakistan
Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
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Welcome to Raising Pakistan Group

Pakistan Qaumi Ittihad  “Do or Die” 
BARTER SYSTEM “Now or Never”
Let’s get rides of old political system and stop what happening in Pakistan. Bring peace and happiness for every one.
We need a Social “REVOLUTION” in Pakistan & want to Re-build Pakistan like most developed countries around the world. We want all Pakistani to join in this mission regardless their affiliation with any political parties or organizations.
Raising Pakistan Group will implement “BARTER SYSTEM” in Pakistan and create 10 million jobs immediately to bring KHUSH HALI for all Pakistanis.

Raising Pakistan Group will build 40 plus new modern cities & will build 40 plus Motorways along with railway lines with fasted trains using latest technology from around the world, which is available to use.
There is only one system “BARTER SYSTEM” can Rebuild Pakistan like America or Europe & we can make Pakistan KHUSH HAAL within 2 to 4 years.
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Hamid Qureshi

Free Land for Agriculture:  

We will Re-structure all agriculture lands and hand over every one who needed.  We will take over all lands from land lords for 4 years to set up new structure and hand over to only those who will work on lands. We will give them free tractor, free seeds, Urea khaad or all necessary items to establish best agriculture in the world. We will build irrigation/best water system. Which will bring Atta, Daal, Chawal = Rs. 5.00 to 10.00 per KG. (Jobs creation 1 million)

Free Furnished Homes:

We will build 10 million furnished houses which will cover 60 million populations to get free home. Assume each family has 6 members. 1/3 populations will come out of poverty living immediately. All peoples living in unauthorized or low categories area must be move in newly furnished houses first. When this phase will be completed then we will re-structure old cities according to latest technologies. Factories, Hospitals, Schools, offices, parks, highways, roads, Air ports, ship ports, shopping malls. Homes (With Bed Room Set, Sofa Set, TV, Telephone, Computer, Fridge, Full kitchen Necessities, which will stop to take bribes). We will provide furnished home for every girls who is getting marriage (which will resolve the problem of Jahez).
(Jobs creation 1 million)

Free Health Care:

We will build 4,000 hospitals small and big, each big city must have at least four big and 20 plus small hospitals with in 2 kilometers distance. Health care will be free for every Pakistani, same treatment for government official or private workers, either high post or low post. (Jobs creation 1 million)

Free Education:

We will build 200,000 plus New Schools, colleges, universities centrally air-conditioned and heated. Free School buses to pick and drops from home for any educational institutes. Free education up to 12 years at least, free school bags, free books, and free food in school for all students with all sports and other activities.

There will be one educational system for all over the Pakistan and educational standard would be better than “O” level. First four years in school will be combined with Madrassa system and Quran will be finish in that period. Next four years will be middle school education and last four years will be higher education level. All the students will be hired on jobs in their fields before graduation results. (Jobs creation 1 million)

Law & order:

There will be Compulsory for all students after education must serve few months in cities or borders to bring law & orders and keep secure the country. (Jobs creation 1 million)

I T Industry:

When everything will be high tech then we need workers for computers, TV, satellite, you name it. There will be 10,000 plus manufacturing industries for computers and electronic equipment. (Jobs creation 1 million)

New Dams:

We will build more than 5000 dams to reserve water for irrigations and to produce electricity for everyone. (Jobs creation 1 million)

Fish Industry:  

All the coastal areas will have at least 6 new cities and we will build latest boats for fish industry and ships for transportation. (Jobs creation 1 million)


We will build Buses, Airplanes, ships, boats, Car and fastest train factories to provide facilities to public. (200, 000 Buses, 300 plus New Train Services, 100 local and international New Airports). All the airports will be connected with bus terminals, trains stations and taxi stands. Residents will get transport from nearest spot of their home. (Jobs creation 1 million)

Textile Industry:

We will build 10,000 plus new textile industries immediately to provide every one job and cloths. (Jobs creation 1 million)

Energy & Power:

Sun energy will provide free electricity, wells for oil and gas. 5000 plus Dams to produce electricity and water for irrigation. We will find and dig down all resources to get energy for everyone.Which bring Petrol = Rs. 5.00 to 10.00 per Liter. (Jobs creation 1 million)

New Construction:

We will build 40 new modern cities with latest technology from around the world, which is available to use. We will build 20 plus motorways along with railway line with fasted trains. (Jobs creation 1 million)

New Infrastructure:

We will Re-structure and sub-divide Pakistan equally in at least 20 new states on the basis of administration not on language basis. Any government officer can resolve the public problems with in 15 to 30 minutes time. We will Include Azad Kashmir in new states. Occupied Kashmir will have a dead line date to capture back. We will make Pakistan strong enough to do that. (Jobs creation 1 million)

Miscellaneous Departments:

Hajj: We will offer free Hajj facilities to all Muslims of Pakistan 80% free and first time pilgrims while 20% private.

Any important missing departments. (Jobs creation 1 million)

We will fix the Jobs with Basic Monthly Salary Rs.16000 to 22,000, refuse to work will be crime, which will stop every day terrorist activities and snatching on streets)

After four years Pak Rupees will, 1 Pak Rs. = 4 US dollars

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